So. How did SHAWesome Leadership Consulting come to be? The first seed was originally planted about seven years ago during my time at Binghamton University. One of my staff members started referring to me as his coach. I just thought I was providing sound supervision, but it started to become clear that coaching was the foundation of my supervisory style. It should be noted that “Shawesome,” a nickname given to me by this same staff member, was also born around this time.

I currently work at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) and one of my roles is serving as the Campus Administrator for CliftonStrengths for Students, more commonly known as StrengthsQuest. I had the opportunity to attend Gallup’s Accelerated Coaching Program and while there, really began to see the possibilities of having a coaching practice utilizing CliftonStrengths as a foundation. I was also intrigued by how I can also use CliftonStrengths to help teams and organizations. In order to become fully certified, I had to conduct six Strengths-based coaching sessions…AND I LOVED EVERY MOMENT! 

In 2018 I was selected to participate in CWRU’s Women Staff Leadership Development Institute. One component of this program is receiving individualized coaching. I was paired with an amazing coach who not only affirmed my desire to have my own coaching practice, but she was also the first person who suggested I consider speaking and consulting as well. To hold myself accountable, I put creating a leadership consulting company within five years as one of my goals in the learning plan I had to develop. Two years later…here we are!

SHAWesome Leadership Consulting enables me to do all the things I enjoy most – teaching, coaching, and developing teams. It is the embodiment of being authentic, working with intention, and achieving harmony within my personal, educational, and professional passions. 

The core of being SHAWesome is being true to oneself in a way that empowers others to be the best version of themselves. SHAWesome Leadership Consulting helps individuals and teams capitalize on their unique strengths in order to embody their values and achieve optimal performance. It is my hope that you are able to lead with authenticity, act with intentionality, and live harmoniously.

Let me help you find your own version of Shawesome!

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