Leah Shaw and I met thanks to UPCaM's most recent student organization president, Isaac, who found Leah's leadership within the Emerging Leaders Program transformational and life-changing. I could not agree with Isaac more! For our newest initiative, Rebekah's Circle, I have witnessed first-hand Leah's ability to deliver high-caliber coaching and Strengthfinders facilitation in person and via a Zoom call. Leah's love for people, leadership and strengths shines through her work and full personhood. She exudes professionalism and positivity as she excels in facilitating ways for students of all ages to discover their talents and strengths.
Rev. Shelley Nelson-Bridger
Executive Director, United Protestant Campus Ministries
As a hybrid professional, I have always struggled to identify my sweet spot in terms of pivoting careers. However, after working with Leah, she has skillfully challenged my thought process, which has helped to provide me with much-needed clarity in terms of my life’s direction, personal desires, and overall career objectives. Many of our consultation sessions centered on various assessment tools, which has helped me to discover my inner compass, which has thus steered my focus to my strengths whereas I can now devote my time talents and attention to activities that will allow me to operate at my career-best.
Ricardo Newell
Chef and Owner, Gourmet Gent
Leah Shaw is an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING coach!!! As a Motivational Speaker and Higher Ed professional, she has helped me to grow tremendously both personally and professionally. Leah was specifically attuned to my needs and took an individualized approach toward coaching me. She understood and empathized with me on a deep level and knew exactly what I needed, when I needed it. She nudged me in a way that I would receive and propelled me to my higher self. Leah understood my strengths at their core and also knew areas that perhaps weren't of strength but could be enhanced with the skills and talents that I already have. TILL THIS DAY I still give a tremendous amount of credit to Leah for having helped me to develop into the man and professional I am. She is relatable, supportive, creative, intuitive, kind, loving, warm, authentic, direct, and fun. Leah knows how to foster the Confidence Factor in those who genuinely believe they don't have it. She truly understands how to develop, strengthen, and optimize growth in others. I am forever grateful for having had the privilege of being coached by her. ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND HER WITHOUT A SHADOW OF DOUBT!!
Josué “JQ” Quiñones
Motivational Rapper, Speaker, and Founder, “Success is Lifestyle” Program
With Leah’s coaching, I had a sounding board for my vision. We discussed how I could apply my gifts and skills to the business/personal brand I was developing. Her resources helped me to dig more deeply as I was laying the foundation for my brand. Leah’s techniques can be applied for personal and professional development - I would definitely recommend her!
Bri Norelle
Creative Consultant and Speaker, brinorelle.com
I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Leah Shaw for more than four years as a colleague in higher education. I reached out to Dr. Shaw for some professional development and career coaching. Dr. Shaw provided me with a self-assessment that allowed me to think critically about my own career goals and objectives. Following my self-assessment, she and I reviewed it together meticulously. Her candor and constructive feedback enabled me to create action items in order to move my career forward. As a result, I have created new leadership opportunities for myself including presenting at a national conference this upcoming year.
Christal Crosby
Assistant Director, The Alumni Association Case Western Reserve University
Leah has been a phenomenal presenter over the past several years for the softball program. She brings joy and energy to the topics that she passionately cares about. She provides data specific to our program and develops an environment for students to freely share their strengths and experiences. Our success has been a direct reflection of the work we put into understanding one another and using our strengths to leverage our opportunities when competing in our contests. I recommend this experience for others as Leah and StrengthsQuest is such an important part of our growth as an organization each year.
Josie Henry
Head Softball Coach Case Western Reserve University

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